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Kenshiro (北斗の拳)
20 Cm Edition
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北斗の拳 - Kenshiro (20cm Edition)

Product Type :
   Concept Statue Series

      PHF (Primeum Handmade Figure)

Product Size :

  1. Statue : Approximately H 200mm W 85mm 

  2. Diorama Base : Approximately H 20 mm  W125mm

Product Weight :
  Approximately 1.5 Kg (including Package)

Dimension (Shipping Box) :
Approximately W 330mm x L 250mm x H 120mm (Dimension and weight could be changed later.)


 1. Figure : Urethan Resin

 2. Diorama Base : Urethan Resin

 3. Package : Urethan Sponge + Primeum Box 


 Director : Jin Seok-Won

 Art Sculpt & Paint : Jin Seok-Won

 Diorama Base Design : Jin Seok-Won

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